Part 2 of asian tradition: the 100th day celebration for baby!  The day to celebrate and wish for the baby to live 100 years.  (I believe this tradition originates from Korea).  As we did a full moon celebration for Abigail’s full moon, we kept this one low key.  Immediate family for a dinner only.  And since I didn’t make a cake for the full moon celebration, I’m not missing the chance this time!

I wanted to make this cake extra special, so a week or so prior, I started planning little elements I would add to the cake: Sparkly Cake Topper, her name in Royal Icing, and Butterfly fondant accents.

  1. Sparkly Cake Topper

Since I don’t have a very cool machine like a Cricut to do this sort of thing, I did it old school way – by hand/xacto knife.  The Dollar store had a pack of 2 silver glitter cardstock for $1.50.  I took a 1/4 of it to make this.  (save the rest of course).  Printed the design on regular paper first, and then traced it on the cardstock. Carefully slice it out.  And then traced the 2nd copy, but flipped (Mirrored) so that it will fit on the other side.  I chose to make 2 layers as the cardstock wasn’t super sturdy and I didn’t want the sign to wobble.  Hot glue 2 toothpicks on, and then put the 2 layers together…voila:

Sparkly 100 Day Cake Topper

Sparkly 100 Day Cake Topper

2. Abigail’s name in Royal Icing

I also tried my hand at writing with royal icing for the first time.  As I’m a newbie at it, I decided to use a trace method.  Printed it out on regular paper with a font I liked. Then layer a wax paper on top and use a Wilton #2 tip to pipe it out.  Took me 3 tries before I was happy with it.  What ya think?


3. Fondant accent

I didn’t take pictures here, but I made marshmallow fondant, coloured it purple, and then use a butterfly press to stamp it out.  Dried overnight in an ice cube tray and stored away in a container till I need them!

Onto the day of the celebration (I usually try hard to make the cake the day of, as I don’t trust that it will hold up in the fridge).  A basic vanilla chiffon cake..yum!


Onto the whipped cream frosting.  Decided to make ombre pink in 3 shades, each divided batch of whipped cream with a bit more of the pink gel colouring.

OmbreButtercreamRoses1 OmbreButtercreamRoses2 OmbreButtercreamRoses3 OmbreButtercreamRoses4

That’s it – I put all the element/accents together…and my 100th day celebration cake for my baby girl is done!


She looks impressed, no?


Here is a shot of the inside of the cake with the strawberries.


It was super yummy and worth every effort to make it special. Happy 100th day my darling girl!