Nick and I had an original plan of buying a condo and staying for 3-5 years. Well, we’re about to head into our 4th year – so we’ve been slowly checking out homes for sale.  (yay for husband being a real estate agent!)  Nothing has piqued our interest in the 3-4 months that we’ve been on a casual look out.  We figure, if we do see something we both like, then we would make an offer, but no need to be super aggressive in our home search yet.

This weekend, we made a few appointments and on the 3rd house we went to – we found it – our potential future home.  We were immediate wowed by the space, the layout, the potential.  Long story short – we made an offer, got a counter, made another offer, and voila – we’re a HOUSE owner now!  It’s a 15-20 year Green Park home with original state of structure, design, layout – so some home renos will be required to fit our style.  But it’s literally a blank canvas for me to go nuts on.

we’re so excited!! Let the Home Reno Project begin!