It’s been quite a hiatus away from our blog – thanks to the hectic work travel schedules aaaannnnndddd…our Italy honeymoon!

19 days of roaming the Italy country side: Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome…now need time to sort out the 5000″ish” pictures and get it up on our travel blog.

here’s a few things that I have concluded that I need to do/make/learn/appreciate:

  • need to find a Toronto store that will sell good prosciutto ham, Italian cheeses
  • need to make more lemony desserts (other than lemon meringue pie)
  • need to learn and make home made fresh pasta
  • need to eat more ice cream to keep up with the twice a day gelato routine during honeymoon
  • await for my lemon tree (which Nick will be getting me for xmas)
  • continue our travel adventures