Abigail in letters

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As we were finishing the nursery, there was one element that I knew I wanted to add once the baby was here – the name in a banner across the crib, but of course back then, we didn’t know the gender, and we certainly didn’t have a name yet!

I took some scrap fabric in soft green and gray (the nursery wall is yellow), and printed the letters in regular paper, then traced and cut out on my fabric.  Pinned the 2 sides together and hand stitched all around, leaving a hole to fill in stuffing. Added a ribbon to tie it all together! Fairly simple, but took me awhile as my fabric was pretty soft, so it was a bit hard to maneuver.  If i was to re-do this project, i would add a Heat and Bond layer to stiffen up the fabric, and honestly just use a sewing machine!

Fabricletters Fabricletters2

Here it is hanging over the crib, and of course my little model!



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Nursery Reveal – we’re ready!

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Nick and I have been hard at work prepping and DIY-ing in prep for the little one to arrive.  I’ve been imaging and adding (read: changing the scope) to our projects for months.  And it has finally come together! so excited to share our nursery.  I chose a neutral yellow, gray, light green colour theme AND a hotair balloon theme. I love the brightness of the room and I find myself just sitting in the chair imagining hours to be spent here with the baby.

The main focal point is definitely the crib – we chose a crib that was simple and found one at a great price at Sears!

The biggest splurge was the nursing rocking chair…I couldn’t resist – it’s from Pottery Barn – even with their 20% event, it was still an “investment”.

NurseryReveal-crib NurseryReveal NurseryReveal-nursingchair

we IKEA hacked to create a window bench – one where we turned a Kallax shelf for seating bench, and Nick DIY a corner chest to connect it together.  I just love it. Made some throw pillows in different sizes to complete the look.  I read also that black out curtains are a must – but couldn’t find any decent ones that are ivory/white colour.  So ordered some Blackout fabric and sewed it to Ikea curtains, and voila!  DIY a window valence (my first ever) from a foam board to make it more polished.

NurseryReveal-Windowbench NurseryReveal-bench

Other decor stuff to add to the completed look

NurseryReveal-Bookshelf NurseryReveal-dresser

Can’t wait to bring the baby home and start enjoying this room together!

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Nursery Hot Air Balloon Decor DIY

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Another Pinterest inspired DIY project!  I have been looking at various different themes for the nursery…as we won’t be finding out the gender, I need to keep things neutral.  (I’m actually not a fan of everything pink or blue anyways).  I debated over a few different ideas and then I remembered buying an ornament during a trip to Turkey in Cappadocia (Most awesome place to see!) which was a little hot air balloon in honour of our balloon ride during sunrise.  Then started googling/Pinterest-ing “Hot Air Balloon decor” and through various different DIYers’ projects, I made the first decor for the newly decided Hot Air Balloon theme for the nursery!

It was actually fairly simple, but lots of little steps and patience and time.  As usual, I just did it at my home office, in front of the PC/TV so I can watch movies/tv while crafting.  I first went to get all the supplies:

  • Chinese paper lantern (found at Toronto’s chinatown on Spadina for about $2 each)
  • Basket (Found at Dollarama for $1.50 each)
  • scrap cardstock paper in various colours and designs (already have)
  • Twine and Ribbon (already have)
  • Glue gun/Scissors
  • Paint (craft acrylic paint) and paint brushes

This is the chinese paper lantern unfolded:


Then very carefully and lightly paint the lantern in alternating fashion. I chose white and grey to offset the light green lantern.  On a whim, I decided to paint little dots on it in opposite colours as well to make it more interesting.  Use a paperclip and a clothe hanger to let dry.


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DIY Nursery Corner Window bench

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Did I tell you that I have a handy husband?! I didn’t know myself when I married him 😛 I envisioned a window bench where the baby can sit and read with storage of toys and random baby stuff underneath.  Thanks to Pinterest, there are a lot of Ikea Kallax bench hacks, but to my surprise, Nick decided he was going to make a corner chest to connect it together. sure, why not?!

laying down the base

laying down the base

the plans

the plans

CornerChest2 CornerChest3 CornerChest5

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