Making a wish…tree

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Simplest decor project – making a wish tree.  The most difficult part was sourcing the branches. After numerous searches online, I found the best price at Blooms & Branches:

2 x Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18″-24″  = $17.78

Used one of the many glass vases I had lying around the house.  Got Nick to drill the branches into a styrofoam ball to secure the position.

Wishing Tree Wishing Tree2 Wishing Tree3

Poured sand at the base to cover the styrofoam, then layer with medium sized rocks, and finally topped with small white stones. (rocks and stones bought at dollar store).  Wrap a double ribbon around the vase to make it prettier.  Hang some plastic crystals on the branches.

Wishing Tree4

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Making pretty roses

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I came across this awesome YouTube video of a lady teaching how to make ribbon roses, and it got me thinking how to use that as part of my decor – and then it hit me! I will make these to decorate my centerpiece vases!  (the vases are square 6″ in white porcelain…pretty plain, so needs dressing up!)


Took a few practice and patience, but it turned out well enough (I didn’t make mine “pop” out as much as the youTube lady – I flattened them a bit)

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P&N – Paint and Glitter

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One of the easiest craft project ever for the wedding decor – glitterizing (?) the initials – at this point, i didn’t know where exactly I will place them, but I just like the idea of it!

Bought the P, and N letters from Wal-mart – approx $4…the “&” sign was difficult to find – end up shopping online at Hobby Lobby using a 40% discount – recall it being about $12.

Used paint tape on the edges to keep things clean.  Lined the kitchen counter with scrap paper, then paint away! Chose blue for the P, N letters.  and Orange for the & sign.  I did 3 coats, though in hind sight, wasn’t necessary since it’ll be completely covered by glitter.

Used spray glue on dry painted letters, then carefully sprinkled the glitter onto the letters.  Tapped off the excess glitter and wait patiently for it to dry.  Peel off the tape, and voila!

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