So just for fun, and to be goofy, decided to make a DIY antler headband for Ellie for Christmas.  Figure it’s not worth spending more than $3 to buy one, might as well make it from materials I already have at home.


Sticky backed foam pieces in brown
white pipecleaners
headband in white

I looked at a picture from google and free-handed the shape of the antler on the back of the foam.


Cut out the shape, 2 mirror images so I have 4 individual pieces all together. The sticky back version just made it that much easier and quicker to put together as oppose to adding glue etc


with 2 pieces of the pipecleaner, shape it to the cut out shape of the antler. remove the sticky back and laid down the pipecleaner to one side (make sure to leave some hanging at the end to tie it to the headband).


carefully stick the matching antler together, deliberately creating the bump where the pipecleaner is to give it shape.


twist the end of the pipecleaner to the headband and call it a day!


seriously I spent more time trying to get the antler on my puppy, who really didn’t appreciate it…after many blurry fuzzy pictures, this is the only one that looked decent…she does look so reluctant though! hhahaha