so this fun little project is one of my favourite things made – likely ever.  (as valley girl as that sounds).  I’m incredibly proud of how it turned out and it looks wonderful and perfect on my bathroom wall. No more tangled bundled of necklace mess in the AM when all I want to do is choose something to go with my outfit!  It’s finally time to get organized while doing something crafty (and easy!)

I started by scouting out garage sales – physical ones – over the summer, but didn’t really see anything that I like. Then I moved onto the internet (this new fangle thing) and did searches on Kijiji and VarageSale.  Both equally good for searching what I was looking for.  My search terms were “antique”, “victorian”, “picture frame”, or something to that effect.  I didn’t care how it looked, more on the size, and the ornate design of the frame as I knew I was going to paint it.  Took around 2 weeks of scouting ads, but then finally found the perfect one!  It was a bronze metal frame with a glass covered picture of a plant.  I got it for $12.  yahoooo!

On to the crafting part – started by tapping the glass by the edge of frame, and then applied a white primer.  I already loved the look of it.

Jewelry Frame

Skipping some photo taking here, but once the primer dried (an hour or so), I painted one layer of grey paint I bought at Home Depot in the “as is” section for $3.  used this same paint in other projects.  I thought it looked great with the blue walls in the bathroom.  Also found this cute flowered light grey contact paper from Dollarama for $2 (i think).  it was just perfect.  I wasn’t sure until then what I was going to do to cover up the picture, was tossing up thoughts of gluing fabric or pretty wrapping paper.  This just made it that much easier.  Just start at one end, and use a straight edge (i used a card board from a package) to apply pressure on the top as I pull the sticker back off slowly.

Jewelry Frame2

Final step was to stick these plastic hooks onto the top of the frame.  I chose to do it horizontally so that I have more space to hang across, and have the necklace dangle.  The hooks were from Walmart.  Forgot how much they were.  I think it was around $3 each (used 2 packs). and that’s it.  Husband hung it up for me…and here’s the final product!

Jewelry Frame CloseUp

how it looks beside my vanity table. You can see my cake stand turned jewelry stand where my necklaces uses to pile on.

Jewelry Frame3

A complete view of my little corner that I just love. This jewelry frame just completes the nook perfectly, don’t you think?!

Bathroom MakeUp Table