one of the first stationary related thought I had was about our wedding monogram.  I like the idea of having it as the “symbol” at the event – to be used on our invitations, gift tags, backdrop, photobooth pictures, etc.  So I set to design something.  Googled a lot (i mean a LOT) of different ideas on monogram, and as usual, took inspiration from all the lovely designs out there.  I incorporated elements of a few that I liked and came up with this:

As I had the thought to incorporate it as a seal on the invite, I set out to get this made into a stamp.  Over to Etsy, and found a vendor that does it relatively cheap – and had great reviews: – Jessica replied to my questions and after sending it to her to create, it took no time at all to get the lovely clear stamp back.  I ordered the 2″ x 2″ square clear stamp so that I hopefully can see what I’m doing.  (truth be told, I have never stamped anything in my life before this!)

Note the picture here is from the wishing tree tag that I also used the stamp for – but this shows what the clear stamp looks like:

Onto creating the monogram seals:

Step 1 – use the same supplies as  the invitations (embossing stamp pad, embossing powder, heat gun, cardstock).  Add in newly purchased 2″ circle cutter from Michael’s (40% off coupon is a must!)

Step 2 – line up the cardstock with light pencil grid so that you know where to stamp to efficiently use up all available space on the cardstock.  I stamped one row at a time with the embossing ink, and then quickly poured embossing powder over it.  remove excess, heat gun over the design and watch the seal complete.  repeat for each row.  20 stamps per card stock.   I needed 200 of them.  9 cardstock to go.


Step 3 – Cut into smaller strips and start circle cutting – note this is a MUST have tool –  Fiskar circle cutter – the best!


Step 4 – take a break and revel in the little perfect circle monograms.

Step 5 – hot glue it to the invitations.