Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, and Nick has been wanting to bring Ellie, our 4 month Samoyed puppy, down to the beaches for quite some time.  so off we go.  Walked past a lot of beach goers and heard the usual comments of “so fluffy”; “look at the polar bear”; “it’s like a cotton ball”.  Got to the off leash dog area, which has a shallow open water to Lake Ontario for dogs to jump in.  We wanted to see if Ellie would swim.  Supposedly she should know how intuitively.  whether she actually does it…well….

@ 0:36 sec is where she realizes she’s in the water

check out the skinny legs after….

samoyed puppy on boardwalk

walking down the boardwalk

samoyed puppy chilling on beach

chilling on the beach

samoyed puppy at lake

checking out the water

samoyed puppy dipping paw in water

dipping a paw in

samoyed puppy refusing the water

attempting to lure her into water