another home design debate – tile versus hardwood floors.   As I’m googling like crazy for inspirational pictures on kitchens – almost 90% of the pictures are of kitchen floors with hardwood now – that or tiles that look like hardwood.  So the question is – is it safe to use?

I can imagine lots of scenario with spillages, accidents, things dropping on the floor – apparently if it’s cleaned up fairly quickly, there shouldn’t be any problems.  But what if it’s like that for the day?  is it going to warp the floor?  What if we do get a dog (another debate for another time) – scratches from paws, water spills from bowl etc etc….how bad will my floors look in a few years?

Though I certainly love the look of the hardwood, and been told it’s a lot more comfortable to stand on long periods of time – i’m not 100% convinced.  thoughts?