My friend Steph introduced me to an iPhone game called Diamond Dash.  First thing I asked – is it free?  check.  Then I started to play.  That was 2 days ago.  Since then I have been on non-stop – every chance I get.  The drive for higher scores further fueled by my other friend’s scores, and them leaping over me in the weekly tournament pool.   My high score thus far is a mere 465,000.  Puzzled at the dexterity of my fellow facebook friends who are scoring north of 600,000.  Must be some secret I have yet to learn.  My continuous quest for silver coins to gain magic powers consumes my every spare minute.  (literally).    Currently in a new weekly tournament, and I’m at 3rd place.  I must keep playing as it is a matter of time before others over take me.

It’s official – I’m addicted to Diamond Dash.


update 1 day later: I have achieved a new high score: 631,484, 2nd place.  I think I should retire now.

Update several weeks later of continuous playing: 930,330.