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Ikea Lack Coffee Table Hack

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warning: heavy heavy pictures in this post!

Pinterest strikes again with inspiration for my living room – it’s been missing a coffee table…something I have been shopping around for awhile.  Too bad my taste seems to be out of my desired budget range.  Enter Ikea Lack coffee table hack!  $39.99+tax later, my white Lack coffee table is ready to assemble.   Simple as always to put together, it took longer to get the box to open, and clean up after my puppy Ellie got to the pieces.

Ellie_box Ellie_box2

Here’s the coffee table as it is straight from Ikea…pretty plain, but size wise perfect! (Length: 46 1/2 “, Height: 17 3/4 “, Width: 30 3/4 “)


Off to get some lumber…I ended up getting the planks at Rona (it was enroute back home).

qty 6 x Cedar (1x6x5) for $4.23 each.  $25.4 total.

qty 1 x large MDF panel (1/4 x 49 x 97) for $15.66 each.  It’s massive.  much bigger than I need, so I had them cut it to 47.5 x 31.75; giving 1/2″ at each edge.   Saving the rest for future projects.  so let’s say if I took 50% of the cost for this project, then total lumber cost was $36.53.

other equipment/supplies needed:  Sander + sandpaper (180+ 220 grit).  Woodstain: I chose Minwax Polyshade in Mission Oak – supposedly one step prime and stain.  an old shirt.  Liquid Nail Glue.  Plus a few wood screws. Longer ones to attach MDF to Ikea table, shorter one for decorative at the end of the planks.  and a drill.

So I’m estimating the entire project to be <$100.

It was such an awesome day, I decided to move my work area outside. Ellie gets to play in the backyard, and I get to have some sunshine as I work.



First thing – get sanding!  First I chose a side of the plank that I liked, either by the grain pattern, or lack of dips and valleys.  I sanded with the 180 grit with a power sander Nick got for me (how sweet!).  Sanded the top side, and all the edges.  Finished it with a 220 grit to get it nice and smooth.

sander sander2


Woodstaining time!  I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I have ever done this.  I chose an old t-shirt that is not a linty kind. cut it up to make rags, and then dipped it to the stain, and applied the first coat.  It went on nice and smooth.  very pretty immediately.  I did all the edges as well as the edges may show in between, and the ends of course.  Stained each plank one at a time, giving enough time to dry in between the 2 coats.

woodstain woodstain3 woodstain4

I also stained the edge of the MDF board as I didn’t want it to look weird from the side.  I also stained strips on the top of the MDF board where I thought any gap in between the planks will show through. Gave it 24 hours to dry thoroughly.

super excited the next time to finally put it together. plus it’s drilling time! Used some existing long screws to drill the MDF board to the top of the Ikea Lack table.  used about 12 in total to secure.  You can see Ellie’s legs in the photo…she liked to “supervise” as I worked.

Then I used what I called “decorative screws” 2″ down from each plank to give it a finished look.

drill2 drill


Next, used liquid nails to attach the planks to the MDF board.



Used clamps to ensure it is secure.  Plus 2 jugs of Purex as one of the cedar plank was a bit warped.



24  hours later…it was done! Moved it back to the living room.  and yes, Ellie made sure she was in most of the shots.


finished pictures:





here’s a Before and After shot:


that’s it!  Very happy how it turned out!

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