One of my old favs – Lemon Meringue pie – it’s been almost a year since I’ve last made one.  so I was a bit rusty at it and had to remember some of the techniques.

Since I needed the pie for a 6pm dinner party on a weeknight, I made the pastry the night before.  Cube the cold butter and shortening and then use a pastry cutter to blend it with the flour.  Avoid using hands to warm up the dough too much. Cut the egg water mixture with a knife, again avoid using hands.  Roll into 3 separate disks and saran wrap and store in fridge until needed.


Once I got home from work, made the pastry right away – took one of the disk out of the fridge, and laid it on the Silpat.  (best thing ever to avoid stickiness!).  roll it to approx 1/2″ thickness (personal preference), and use finger tips to create the design on edge.  Use a fork to prick holes into the pastry.


now comes the pie weights! bought it at Home Outfitters a long time ago, put it in a sheet of wax/parchment paper and lay it on top of the uncooked pie crust. Prevents it from puffing up during the baking.


On stovetop, cook the lemon curd.  once boiled, take off heat.  pour into cooled pie crust.  Meanwhile (multi-tasking as time was limited), used the KitchenAid to whip up the meringue.


Before/After picture of the lemon pie!


Tips to remember:

  • wait until the lemon curd has cooled completely before topping it with Meringue – I didn’t have time, so i layered it on while it was still piping hot – it separates as it cools 🙁  next time – leave more time!
  • keep watch on the pie once it goes in – 5-7 minutes should do to brown the tips
  • make a 2nd pie so Nick doesn’t get upset that I’m leaving the house with the finished pie
  • have a leftover slice so I can come home to feed Nick 🙂