Part of being a new doggie parent is to look for all things dog related, including events and things to do for dogs – and lucky for us, there are quite a lot of doggie festivals within Toronto area all summer long.  Perfect to socialize Ellie to crowds and other dogs!

First one for us was at the Liberty Village today – small area filled with booths and vendors, crafts, treats, and lots of doggies.  It was a great weather day too – sunny, but not overly hot – though I’m not the one with all the fur.  Ellie got to play with other dogs big and small (the small ones tend to be mean/growls/snaps – we don’t like her playing with those); and she got to play with other people who thought she was adorable.  “polar bear like”.  She has a lot of fans.

Samoyed Sit and Stay on Rock

Samoyed Sit

Smiling Samoyed Face