Simplest decor project – making a wish tree.  The most difficult part was sourcing the branches. After numerous searches online, I found the best price at Blooms & Branches:

2 x Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18″-24″  = $17.78

Used one of the many glass vases I had lying around the house.  Got Nick to drill the branches into a styrofoam ball to secure the position.

Wishing Tree Wishing Tree2 Wishing Tree3

Poured sand at the base to cover the styrofoam, then layer with medium sized rocks, and finally topped with small white stones. (rocks and stones bought at dollar store).  Wrap a double ribbon around the vase to make it prettier.  Hang some plastic crystals on the branches.

Wishing Tree4

Make 100 wishing tags out of spare orange cardstock – (of course stamp the monogram at the back), tie a thin ribbon to create the loop.

Wishing Tree5

Set it out at the reception table.

Wishing Tree6

Project – done!