I came across this awesome YouTube video of a lady teaching how to make ribbon roses, and it got me thinking how to use that as part of my decor – and then it hit me! I will make these to decorate my centerpiece vases!  (the vases are square 6″ in white porcelain…pretty plain, so needs dressing up!)


Took a few practice and patience, but it turned out well enough (I didn’t make mine “pop” out as much as the youTube lady – I flattened them a bit)

Ended up making 40 with the larger 2″ orange ribbon, and 80 with the 1.5″ silver ribbon so that I can decorate the 38 vases I bought.

Add in the 1.5″ silver ribbon band around the vase, hot glue 1 large orange ribbon rose and 2 smaller silver ribbon roses and project is complete!

The completed vases was then sent over to my florist, who put in awesome double orchids, with hydrangeas at the base with some orange berries for pop of colour.

Had a few left over at the end – and decided to use it to decorate my card box – hot glue a decorative button in the middle for more bling =)