Another Pinterest inspired DIY project!  I have been looking at various different themes for the nursery…as we won’t be finding out the gender, I need to keep things neutral.  (I’m actually not a fan of everything pink or blue anyways).  I debated over a few different ideas and then I remembered buying an ornament during a trip to Turkey in Cappadocia (Most awesome place to see!) which was a little hot air balloon in honour of our balloon ride during sunrise.  Then started googling/Pinterest-ing “Hot Air Balloon decor” and through various different DIYers’ projects, I made the first decor for the newly decided Hot Air Balloon theme for the nursery!

It was actually fairly simple, but lots of little steps and patience and time.  As usual, I just did it at my home office, in front of the PC/TV so I can watch movies/tv while crafting.  I first went to get all the supplies:

  • Chinese paper lantern (found at Toronto’s chinatown on Spadina for about $2 each)
  • Basket (Found at Dollarama for $1.50 each)
  • scrap cardstock paper in various colours and designs (already have)
  • Twine and Ribbon (already have)
  • Glue gun/Scissors
  • Paint (craft acrylic paint) and paint brushes

This is the chinese paper lantern unfolded:


Then very carefully and lightly paint the lantern in alternating fashion. I chose white and grey to offset the light green lantern.  On a whim, I decided to paint little dots on it in opposite colours as well to make it more interesting.  Use a paperclip and a clothe hanger to let dry.


Next I made the little banting decor that will go around the basket as well as the balloon.  This was definitely the most tedious step but I thought it looked super cute.  Cut little triangles and then hot glue it on a twine:


Then hot glue it to the basket and the lantern loosely creating a natural droop.

balloonbasket balloonbanting

Then using a thin grey ribbon, I tied the basket to the lantern with 4 different strands to make sure the basket stays level.  That’s it!  isn’t it cute?!


The official Nursery reveal will be done later…but here is a preview of how it looks now hanging in the corner of the nursery above the nursing glider chair!  This is the anchor of the overall design of the nursery and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!