Playing in the snow is SO much fun

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No need for fancy toys, just need a broken pine branch and snow, and you’ve got a recipe for a happy puppy!

Ellie here at 11 months (10 days away from her 1st birthday!), playing with exuberance…until she sees me spying on her.  Too cute not the share!


  1. Sue

    Way too gorgeous!!!! Love how she is playing on her own and entertaining herself. Our pup does that but only inside – we are having a hard time making her stay outside for any length of time on her own!!!!!

    Posted on January 18, 2016
    • Pettie

      really?! mine hardly wants to come in! though she definitely loves it that much more when we go outside and play with her!

      January 18, 2016
      • Sue

        Yep – finding it really hard for her to be on her own – she hates it – she is no bother when we are in or out – with her – but she will not stay outside alone for more than a few minutes. We are in Australia though – so its much warmer here and we have had some really hot weather lately – but even when it is cooler – find it hard to make her stay outside. Thinking about getting another dog to keep her company and hope that will coax her outside a bit more – its becoming hard to go anywhere. Just don’t want to lose the “loving puppy time”. 🙁 Really enjoying your pics etc. You have a beautiful dog.

        January 18, 2016

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