One of the easiest craft project ever for the wedding decor – glitterizing (?) the initials – at this point, i didn’t know where exactly I will place them, but I just like the idea of it!

Bought the P, and N letters from Wal-mart – approx $4…the “&” sign was difficult to find – end up shopping online at Hobby Lobby using a 40% discount – recall it being about $12.

Used paint tape on the edges to keep things clean.  Lined the kitchen counter with scrap paper, then paint away! Chose blue for the P, N letters.  and Orange for the & sign.  I did 3 coats, though in hind sight, wasn’t necessary since it’ll be completely covered by glitter.

Used spray glue on dry painted letters, then carefully sprinkled the glitter onto the letters.  Tapped off the excess glitter and wait patiently for it to dry.  Peel off the tape, and voila!