My little lemon tree came in a 10″ black plastic pot with drainage holes on the bottom and sides.  Currently it’s sitting on top of a baking tray because that’s the only thing I have at home to hold any water that may seep out.  Not too pretty…so comes project Terra Cotta pot!

Found a 12″ terra cotta pot from Ikea on sale for $3.99.  what a deal!  I decided that I would seal it, paint it, glaze it and voila – as good as any other $30 dollar pots.

TerraCotta Pot

Step 1 – grab a 40% off coupon from Michael’s and get a sealer and paint.  Decided on a bright yellow and plain white paint colour.  Bought mod podge sealer.

TerraCotta Pot2

Step 2 – tape up paint areas – paint away – 3 coats seems to do the trick

TerraCotta Pot3 TerraCotta Pot5 TerraCotta Pot6 TerraCotta Pot4 TerraCotta Pot7 TerraCotta Pot8

Step 3 – patiently wait for paint to dry.  seal 2 coats of mod podge. I randomly put a doily on the bottom plate for a bit of design look. (i know I know…the pot will cover it anyways, but still…)

TerraCotta Pot9

Step 3 – Go to home depot – buy some rope. (got 1/4″ 50 ft rope for $3.99).   Hot glue it to the pot for a bit of an accented look.

TerraCotta Pot10 TerraCotta Pot11

Step 4 – put lemon tree in – step back and admire the final look.

TerraCotta Pot12 TerraCotta Pot13

(I put the entire pot on an Ikea rolling tray so that I can move the tree around the condo as needed).  Project  – done!