Before Ellie arrived in our lives, Nick and I read many articles, blogs, advice columns and everywhere it seems, mentioned “Kong”.  Didn’t take long to understand that it is almost a standard must have toy that every puppy needs to have for their chewing pleasure.  It also seems the Kong collection has grown into other dog/puppy area for games and fun as well.  Enter the Kong Wobbler toy.  heavy on the bottom with a small hole to shake out treats and food, it titters and topples over from puppy’s paws and mouth and nose pushes.  ingenious.  It is also becoming a great way for Ellie to eat slowly and “earn” her food.  We often use the Kong Wobbler now for lunch hour, especially if we need to run out for errands etc.



We took a video of Ellie when we first introduced it to her, it was quite cute and the progression of sniffing curiosity, to barking her lack of understanding and finally delight at the food that comes out when she understands how it works to her benefit.