Woofstock 2016

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We finally made it to Woofstock!!

The Woofstock they had in the fall we couldn’t go because Ellie just had her surgery and couldn’t play with doggies.  So we were so excited that we got to bring her this summer!  She had a great time – of course got lots of treats and love.  It was incredibly hot, so we took lots of rest under trees and water offered by the vendors.  There was’t much of anything we were looking for in particular, but ended up spending SOOOO much money on treats for Ellie.  sigh. How can you resist this face!

Woofstock2 Woofstock4 Woofstock3 Woofstock5 Woofstock1

Woofstock 2016

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Liberty Village Doggie Festival

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Part of being a new doggie parent is to look for all things dog related, including events and things to do for dogs – and lucky for us, there are quite a lot of doggie festivals within Toronto area all summer long.  Perfect to socialize Ellie to crowds and other dogs!

First one for us was at the Liberty Village today – small area filled with booths and vendors, crafts, treats, and lots of doggies.  It was a great weather day too – sunny, but not overly hot – though I’m not the one with all the fur.  Ellie got to play with other dogs big and small (the small ones tend to be mean/growls/snaps – we don’t like her playing with those); and she got to play with other people who thought she was adorable.  “polar bear like”.  She has a lot of fans.

Samoyed Sit and Stay on Rock

Samoyed Sit

Smiling Samoyed Face

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Yummy Mooncake

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Though it is getting chilly outside – on the bright note – it’s also Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) coming up…aka Mooncake time!  (this is year it’s on Sept 29th, 2012)


When I was a kid – Mid-Autumn festival means running around with a lantern and eating these yummy cakes.  Also looking at the bright full moon. And it usually means going out to town to celebrate and staying up late. =)

Bakeries make many kinds of mooncake these days – the standard one is the double egg yolk lotus paste, but it comes in variety of flavours now – even ice cream versions.  But the best in my opinion is the FOUR egg yolk lotus ones!  Egg yolk in every bite!  Haven’t bought any yet this year, but got this as a gift from Nick’s parents – only 2 eggs, but still so good!


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