This was a fun wedding task (well, I actually enjoyed 99% of the wedding tasks – can’t really recall the 1% I didn’t enjoy).  But this one involved hunting for cute/fun/cheap props over the many months prior to the wedding.  I deliberately hunted DollarRama during holiday season (after Halloween, Easter for example) to find some cheaper bargains.  I think I did pretty well.  There were also items from past parties and events which I (thankfully) saved – Nick calls me a pack rat – but see! it comes in handy!

I did make some DIY mustaches to add to it – I saw other crafters creating their own, and thought it was a good addition.  Bought some cheap brown foam from Michael’s (with 40% off coupon), found a mustache template online, printed it, pinned it to the foam, and cut away! I made 2 of each design, and hot glue a dowel stick in between and sealed the edges together.  The project took all of an hour max – and that’s because I was watching a movie during it.