House Reno – Doggie Wash Station

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Ellie is our girl.  Ellie is a fluffy girl.  Ellie is a white fluffy girl.  Ellie is a white fluffy girl with dirty paws especially in the Spring and Fall.  With combination of wipes at every entrance, towels, and bucket washes, we decided that there is a better way.  Also, looking into the future, with a baby on the way, we were not enthused about the dirty paw prints all over the floor where the baby would be crawling around.  So we decided to reno the reno’ed mud room.  4 years ago, when we did the big new house renovations, we did simple renovations in the mudroom.  Basically just added new cabinets and a pantry, with a countertop and a sink. Nothing mind blowing really.  But now as our needs have changed, we made the call to redo this room with a design that will allow us to have a doggie wash station in it.

We debated over the configuration multiple times. But finally figured out the only to fit a doggie wash station was to vertically stack the washer and dryer. There was no other way to fit it.  I was a bit hesitant as it will be pretty tall, and i won’t be able to reach the top of the dials on the dryer! (My husband says he will get me a stool).

So off to Olympia tile again to pick out the shower tiles for our Ellie girl. We wanted to make it eye catching but nothing too out there. We chose a pretty herringbone subway tile, and a dark grey for the shower floor.  Hand held faucet sprout and a ring to tie the leash to.

The always desired Before and After pics:

the "before"

the “before”


the "after"

the “after”

the "after" again

the “after” wide angle

Ellie modeling the new doggie wash station

Ellie modeling the new doggie wash station

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Nursery Reveal – we’re ready!

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Nick and I have been hard at work prepping and DIY-ing in prep for the little one to arrive.  I’ve been imaging and adding (read: changing the scope) to our projects for months.  And it has finally come together! so excited to share our nursery.  I chose a neutral yellow, gray, light green colour theme AND a hotair balloon theme. I love the brightness of the room and I find myself just sitting in the chair imagining hours to be spent here with the baby.

The main focal point is definitely the crib – we chose a crib that was simple and found one at a great price at Sears!

The biggest splurge was the nursing rocking chair…I couldn’t resist – it’s from Pottery Barn – even with their 20% event, it was still an “investment”.

NurseryReveal-crib NurseryReveal NurseryReveal-nursingchair

we IKEA hacked to create a window bench – one where we turned a Kallax shelf for seating bench, and Nick DIY a corner chest to connect it together.  I just love it. Made some throw pillows in different sizes to complete the look.  I read also that black out curtains are a must – but couldn’t find any decent ones that are ivory/white colour.  So ordered some Blackout fabric and sewed it to Ikea curtains, and voila!  DIY a window valence (my first ever) from a foam board to make it more polished.

NurseryReveal-Windowbench NurseryReveal-bench

Other decor stuff to add to the completed look

NurseryReveal-Bookshelf NurseryReveal-dresser

Can’t wait to bring the baby home and start enjoying this room together!

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Before and After: Kitchen

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Renos are officially complete – contractor told us it would take 2 months, and he was spot on.  the last little detail was completed with one lonesome contractor – the rest of the 5 men crew onto another project a few weeks back.  We took tons of pictures along the way, but most requested was a simple before and after picture.  We took down 3 walls, gutted the kitchen, and rebuilt from scratch.  Thrilled with the result!

Before/After Kitchen

Before/After Kitchen

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