Gas or Electric Oven for Baking?

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The decision for a gas stove top was quickly made – we both grew up with gas stoves and definitely wanted it for our new home.  (we’ve been deprived in the condo with the electric stove top). However, the question of the oven became a big question mark – is Gas or Electric ovens better for baking?   It wasn’t a concern until a sales person at an appliance store mentioned that gas ovens may emit moisture into the oven, thus changing the recipe/baking consistency.  woah.  hold the horses.  What’s more precise?  Do most recipes assume we have electric ovens?  In my head, my future chocolate souffles are in danger.

Read through tons of baking forums on this same topic – the count is 50/50 – but the same concern on consistency keeps coming up.

Then there is the ultimate brand battle:

Wolf VS  Viking Professional  VS  Thermador

Then there is the decision of single or dual ovens…of course in my dreams it would be two – a big regular sized and a small ones for cookies/side dishes etc.  However, there’s this annoying things that looks like $$$ that sways the decisions.

so what will be our decision?



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We are Moving!

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Nick and I had an original plan of buying a condo and staying for 3-5 years. Well, we’re about to head into our 4th year – so we’ve been slowly checking out homes for sale.  (yay for husband being a real estate agent!)  Nothing has piqued our interest in the 3-4 months that we’ve been on a casual look out.  We figure, if we do see something we both like, then we would make an offer, but no need to be super aggressive in our home search yet.

This weekend, we made a few appointments and on the 3rd house we went to – we found it – our potential future home.  We were immediate wowed by the space, the layout, the potential.  Long story short – we made an offer, got a counter, made another offer, and voila – we’re a HOUSE owner now!  It’s a 15-20 year Green Park home with original state of structure, design, layout – so some home renos will be required to fit our style.  But it’s literally a blank canvas for me to go nuts on.

we’re so excited!! Let the Home Reno Project begin!

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New Addition – Modern Chandelier

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After almost 2.5 years of having no light fixture in the main living area/dining area – I’ve finally picked out the perfect light fixture!  I was looking specifically at a chandelier style fixture, but simple and modern and small enough for the condo.   Went to the trusty Google – and looked through pages after pages and images after images of “modern chandeliers” – most are either too large/elaborate, or too costly.  no, i don’t need diamonds/crystals on my light.  It’s just decorative!  plus definitely not in my budget.

What I finally found was this beautiful 5 light 38″ Bar pendant chandelier from for approx $250.  Shipping no issues, came with all the pendants in individual bubble wrap for protection.  Hired a guy who came and in installed it in 20 mins or so. and voila – let there be light!


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New Addition – the Shoe Closet

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Since we are blessed to have a 3 bedroom condo – we converted this 3rd bedroom into our closet/storage. I have a very critical and very valuable shoe closet – courtesy of Ikea. sometimes you try to get away from Ikea…but damn their great design at low prices…bonus is the extra closet for Nick’s suits and dress shirts, including entire drawer for his ties. Isn’t it pretty?




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