here’s what we have discovered about Ellie so far on our Samoyed puppy’s personality, mannerisms, likes, habits in the week of knowing her:

  • she hops – like a bunny when she runs
  • when she has her toy in mouth after chasing it with us, she would walk it back to her spot on the rug and put her paw over it to guard
  • she likes to nap underneath the couch on the shag rug.  one day she’ll be mighty disappointed that she won’t be able to fit
Samoyed Puppy under the couch

Samoyed Puppy under the couch

  • she would run after a ball – but only if you run along side with her
  • she has lots of puppy dreams – hopefully they are of fluffy clouds, doggie treats and chew toys
  • she likes to chew on pine cones and sticks from the backyard – though we mostly deny her of this
pine cone and sticks are her favourite in the backyard

pine cone and sticks are her favourite in the backyard

  • she understands when she is in trouble – her time out spot is the powder bathroom (with everything off the floor).  she would whine softly and look contrite.
  • She can hear the food being poured into her bowl.  immediately she would sit by our feet and wait. no whining. just cuteness.
  • she has caught her tail. maybe just by the fur ends
  • so far she doesn’t run to the door, or bark when someone comes in. hopefully she never changes on this!
  • her tails wags back and forth super happy when one of us come home
  • she rubs her head and body onto our legs like a cat when we take her out of the crate
  • she eats the food that is directly in front of her (in the bowl) until she can’t reach the rest, and then moves her entire body to the opposite side of the bowl to get the rest
  • she is fascinated by the duster buster…until the air blows into her face
  • she drags her blanket around like Linus



we look forward to discovering more!